Agents Management System


Allow Travel Agents to get a commission by selling your routes.

GO7 PSS oversees agents representing your company, granting them the capability to promote your services and earn commissions and the privilege to make bookings through your website or directly into your CRS, with varying levels of access and permissions.

GO7 PSS empowers you to efficiently manage your agents’ information and particulars, credit terms, TTL and PTL, commissions, and more. It also facilitates the management of agency branches and individual agents, offering comprehensive control and oversight.

Credit, Deposit, Limits And Booking Control

Every agency is assigned specific booking and credit limits, credit terms, payment thresholds, and payment methods.

This system empowers your accounting department to exercise precise control over each agency’s booking and invoicing limits, payment terms, and payment intervals. We also ensure that agents adhere to the company’s credit limit policies.

Commissions can be tailored based on various criteria, such as routes, dates, classes, etc.

With GO7 PSS, you can group agencies and assign unique commission rates to each group or set individual commission structures for each agency.

You can also specify pricing schemes per agency for private fares.

Balancing Accounts

GO7 manages agents, which are defined in our system as “sales representatives” of your company and have the ability to sell your services and get a commission.

You can allow them to book over your website or directly into your CRS but with several restrictions and different permissions to the agent.
GO7 PSS enables you to manage the agents’ information and details, credit terms, TTL and PTL, commissions, and more. You will be able to manage branches of an agency and even an individual agent.

Time limits & Sales

In addition to setting the Ticketing Time Limit (TTL) per class, GO7 PSS offers the flexibility to establish TTL on a per-class, per-agent basis, providing the ability to override the company TTL when necessary. Furthermore, you can customise sales settings for individual agents, such as assigning specific selling classes, pre-selling allocated seats, and more.

GO7 PSS also offers automatic discounts to agents based on the rack rate (instead of commissions) if they book a certain quantity of legs/passengers or fares. You can create advanced promotional incentives, encouraging agents to boost their sales.