NextGen Interlining

Interlining has never been simpler. Combine your flight schedule with any other airline’s schedule and sell the entire package, including ancillaries.


Engineered for simplicity

Our solution makes it easier than ever to combine connecting and non-connecting airline itineraries

Our proprietary technology gives airlines the power to sell interlined itineraries with any airline – network carrier or low-cost – with “through-checked” bags and has complete control over ancillary sales and support.

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Connect With the World

You have full visibility and control of the trip’. Our standalone white label web application (self-service booking), as well as an API designed to be simple to integrate and includes the most important ancillaries: Baggage, Seat Selection and Branded Fares.

An Industry First: Thru-Bag™

Our patent-pending Thru -Bag™ solution allows passengers with multi-airline itineraries to check their bags once for the entire trip, regardless of which airlines are part of the itinerary.

The Power of NDC

Our NDC native solution enables far greater merchandising and enables the full suite of airline products to be put on sale, from different fares to air and non-air ancillaries.

You’re in Charge

You control channels, inventory and pricing. You can manage what you sell, where, with whom and for how much, down to the individual seat if you so choose.

Total Pricing Control

Price products by date, inventory, as part of a promotion, in tandem with a partner, be it fixed or dynamic, manually or automatically. You can make pricing transparent or opaque and control what’s presented to the customer.

Best-in-Class Settlement

Settlement is fully automated and provides instant reconciliation to providers supporting the itinerary, be it airlines, hotels, car rental companies, or your revenue accounting systems.

Feature List

Complete solution from the beginning

Distribute itineraries through direct and indirect channels

Sell NDC native content

Total product and pricing control

Best-in-class settlement Management

Remove the re-check

ThruBag™ baggage handling

GO7 has solved one of the most common problems for self-connecting passengers: baggage handling. Our patent pending ThruBag™ service means passengers check their bags once at the start of the trip, regardless of the type or range of airlines supporting the itinerary. In addition to offering greater convenience for passengers, ThruBag™ also prevents misaligned baggage allowances between airlines and reduces the chance of missed connections. With passengers spending less time in security lines and re-checking bags, airports further benefit through increased revenue opportunities in terminal services.

Harness the insights

Interlining without cumbersome agreements

ConnectProtect is designed to check itineraries for disruptions from the airline, airport, or passenger. If things go wrong, ConnectProtect provides viable options to the passenger through either our customer service team or directly with the airline. ConnectProtect offers a full suite of tools and services that allow the airline to decide the degree of automation it requires.

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