Our Approach

Transforming travel

Why we exist

Born from unconventional thinking

Our core belief is that airlines can have more control over their technology.

Today’s product suite puts the power back in the hands of airlines through a re-architected platform that offers system-agnostic, modular products—flexibly designed as a “one-stop” or bespoke solution. We’re building for airlines of any size or scale, be they large network carriers, low-cost carriers, or small regional airlines.


Global airlines




Incremental revenue

Our design principles

Our team is proud of what we’ve built. We’ve listened to our clients. Today’s travel platform is rearchitected, globally deployed, and designed to be resilient, simple to use and blazingly fast.


Flexible, modular products underpinned by cutting-edge technology. Works for any airline as a ‘one-stop’ or bespoke solution and integrates with any system.

System agnostic

Our approach is born from deep travel experience and unconventional thinking. Our core belief is that airlines should have more control over their technology.

Flexibly designed

We have re-focused on making a difference. Our approach is proven with over 185 airlines, combined with learnings from our acquisitions and talent that’s been in your shoes.


Technology has a significant role in unleashing airlines’ new visions.

There are lots of ideas to evolve travel and create memorable experiences but the industry is held back by the agility and flexibility of current systems.

That’s why we’re here. We exist to put the customer at the centre of travel businesses so airlines can find new and novel ways to keep the world travelling their way.

We’re unencumbering airlines from legacy systems and enabling the evolution of legacy business models. We’re creating transformation technology to put airlines back in control.