W2 Ticketing

Sell and experiment in new markets.

Your global ticketing partner

A cost-effective approach to network expansion

In today’s marketplace, cultivating new, sustainable sources of high-quality revenue and finding innovative ways to capitalize on surging travel demand is imperative to airlines achieving the long-term growth they need to thrive. But to do so, you need new tactics and access to non-core markets.

Product benefits

Work in new markets without complexity

Respond to demand by accessing new Billing and Settlement Plans (BSP) and non-BSP markets when and where you need it.

Thousands of IATA travel agents at your finger tips

Instantly grow your travel agent network.

Grow your passenger network

Reach new customers, grow your network and generate incremental sales.

Additional revenue with no extra effort.

Once you are live, you will be visible in all the major GDSs and ticketable in over 190 markets.

Our set-up unlocks more than trying to go it alone

Our setup unlocks more.

Increase your load factor

Gain access to additional revenue streams via global ticketing.

At a glance

Ticketing made simple

Over 190 markets

IATA Approved

One contract, 8 GDSs

Combine rail & fly

Combine flight tickets with a train-ride to and from the airport in cooperation with the biggest railway operator worldwide.

You’re in control

W2 is only the Marketing and/or Validating carrier

All flights can be managed in your usual process. Which means net new sales without retraining staff or having to integrate new processes.

Expanding your route network

Look beyond core markets

Unlock revenue streams that supplement your efforts in home or established markets. While there may be few genuinely untapped aviation markets left, plenty are underserved or poised to grow beyond what current operators can support. Use W2 to unlock these without the usual market set-up costs.

Sales in non-strategic markets can cost you up to four times the total cost of your core markets.

Instant access to new travel agents

Leverage our expanding network

We’re not just about helping grow your network. We help ensure quality travel agents carry your brand and engage with them to book with you. We connect you with over 10,000 IATA approved travel agents in over 190 markets.


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