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  • Will GO7 change my interactions with the team?

    Nothing will change for you and your day-to-day relationship with us. You will still be in touch with the same people. The phone numbers will remain the same. Our email addresses will change over the next few weeks, but the old ones will still work – so you can reach us whenever you need to.

  • What code do you support on GO7 PSS?

    We support all types of codes, it depends on you, there are some here: Code samples PSS support can not look at your side of the code.

  • What’s happening to AeroCRS, WorldTicket and AirBlackBox?

    The main thing that is changing is how our portfolio works together and is unifying. The website and brands will remain for now, and we're committed to continuing to support and build these products as part of a unified suite.

  • Where are you all based?

    We have a global footprint with offices in the the UK, Europe and North America, representatives across Asia, and strategic locations.

  • Does this mean you’re not supporting AeroCRS, WorldTicket and AirBlackBox?

    No the opposite we're focusing our resource on supporting these products.

  • What does that mean for 777 Travel?

    Our umbrella brand had changed from 777 Travel to GO7.

  • Do the GO7 team have new e-mail addresses? If so, what is the new address?

    Yes, the e-mail addresses of all talent will be transferred to a new system on the 20th of February. They will look like this: This e-mail presentation is also already being used by employees in international subsidiaries – including those countries where the renaming process is not yet complete.

  • What does it mean for 777 Travel?

    Our umbrella brand is changing from 777 Travel to GO7. Along with that, WorldTicket social channels will go live as GO7 together with our new and improved website:

  • Why GO7

    Our new name and logo represent the essence of our new brand: a travel platform with innovation and a customer-centric approach at the heart of what we do. That’s our centre point, the “O” of GO7. Beyond that, you’ll notice new colours, words, and designs, all inspired by our love of travel. Clearly, the seven is carried from our parent company, "777", and GO represents energy, movement and momentum.

  • Does this mean everything changes to GO7?

    No, the change only affects the brand name. Our legal entity remains the same – and so does the way we work with you. With the launch of GO7 we enter a stage of transition and over time with new product launches our existing brands will be used less.

  • Will contracts with WorldTicket, AeroCRS and AirBlackBox still be legal?

    Yes, the change only affects the brand name and visual identity – but the legal entity is still the same. This means that all of your customer documents will remain valid and do not need to be changed.