Built on proven foundations

Our technical approach

Build a better with GO7

We’re building for the future on the strong foundations of AeroCRS, AirBlackBox and WorldTicket. We’ve listened to our customers, rolled up industry understanding and combined this with visionary software engineering talent.

Today’s product suite puts the power back in the hands of airlines through a re-architected platform that offers system-agnostic, modular products—flexibly designed as a “one-stop” or bespoke solution. We’re building for airlines of any size or scale, be they large network carriers, low-cost carriers, or small regional airlines.

Welcome to the next era of travel technology

Our team is proud of what we’ve built. We’ve listened to our customers. Today’s travel platform is rearchitected, globally deployed, and is designed to be resilient, simple to use and blazingly fast. It’s based on modern coding language and programming techniques used in fast-moving, customer-centric industries like fintech.

Cloud & NDC native

Integrates the latest NDC schemas, cloud computing, and means you can directly communicate without the intermediary. Removing the need for intemediaries and puts control back in your hands

Object-Oriented and Aspect-Oriented Programming

Three-dimensional objects and rules based on attributes and behaviour means our systems are configurable by business users not IT departments

Flexibly designed

Leverage the platform in different ways to support your current operational tech stack and vision for the future.

Transforming travel brands

The time for change is now

Our design goals

Built for the future

Building new, innovative technologies, we have designed a fast, secure, flexible, and cost-effective way to revolutionize the air travel landscape.


Reusable code that creates a lower cost to implement, helping reduce your unit tech revenue cost


The technology fits alongside your existing solutions
Allows collaborative development and is easily upgradeable


Easier troubleshooting
Enabling flexibility to meet business requirements


Short implementation time
Ability to configure by business managers and make changes fast


Provide seamless customer experiences from a single platform
Data controls and security all in one place


Security, Privacy, and Control

Security built in from the beginning

Building on the unique capabilities of the GO7 product suite, the system is designed to maximise the security through complex codes without compromising usability. System security encompasses the startup process, software updates and the ongoing operation of the operating system.

We’ve got an end-to-end approach to data security, privacy, and control. Each product includes tools that empower your teams to achieve compliance with confidence and a security infrastructure that keeps your data safe.