Our all-in-one tech solution for fast growing airlines.


Grow your way with a customisable PSS

Introducing our highly flexible and customisable travel system

As a carrier, be it full-service, hybrid, low-cost, or charter, you wield immense power in the skies. With GO7 PSS at your disposal, you command the tools to orchestrate every facet of your operation masterfully: from inventory and operations to handling disruptions, serving customers, managing agencies, and rewarding loyal frequent flyers.

Product benefits

Rapid implementation

Get up and running fast with our rapid implementation process, perfect for new airlines or those switching systems.

Our streamlined onboarding ensures a smooth start for your team, with an easy-to-use system that shortens the learning curve and gets everyone comfortable with GO7 PSS quickly.

A complete package

Consolidate your operations with a single, comprehensive platform.

GO7 PSS eliminates the need for multiple systems, simplifying your workflow and saving you resources.

Scales with you

Our user-friendly design ensures easy deployment and integration within your ecosystem. Tailor your system with customized ancillary offerings and dynamic packaging options.

Reach a wider audience with our robust multi-channel distribution network. Maximize your sales potential through a variety of channels.

Feature List

Flexibility at our core

Check-in and Gate control

Classes and fare management

Out of the box DCS

Reporting and Accounting platforms

Integrated CRM

Cloud-based platform

Ready to go GDS & NDC Distribution integrations

User-configured rules engine

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Loyalty program

PNL import

Trade portal

Ready to go third party ancillaries

Developers Hub

Cargo management suite

Proudly powering Lift

Scales with you

Hassle-free management

GO7 PSS makes managing your airline a breeze with its cloud-based SaaS solution. Forget about tricky software installations and buying special hardware.

Our easy-to-use system grows with you, effortlessly managing more passengers as your airline expands. Access GO7 PSS from anywhere, anytime – all you need is a web browser on any device, giving you the freedom to run your airline smoothly.

Regain control

Our technology puts you back in control

With GO7 PSS, you’re back in control of your airline’s operations. Say goodbye to complex systems and tech headaches, you won’t need them here.

Our platform is designed for ease, giving you everything you need to manage inventory, operations, fares, customer interactions, disruptions, and bookings effortlessly.

It’s so intuitive that everyone in your team can make changes on the fly, making things smoother and helping you respond faster.


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GO7 PSS can be implemented in several pre-prepared editions. Tailor-made editions can be requested ad-hoc and our sales team will be happy to assist.

PSS Usage License$20,000
/yearly fixed fee includes 25k PB per year
/yearly fixed fee includes 25k PB per year
Additional fees per PB for 25k-200k segments a year$0.18$0.30
Additional fees per PB for 200k-300k segments a year$0.15$0.25
Additional fees per PB for 300k-500k segments a year$0.15$0.19
Additional fees per PB for over 500k segments a year$0.07$0.11

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