Marketing Automation


Automate and personalize your communications with your passengers

What is the Affiliate Marketplace?

Increased revenue and average deal size

By automating your cross-sells, up-sells, and customer follow-ups you’ll notice an increase in your customer lifetime value

Less repetition, more creativity

When you replace manual repetitive work with automated rules and campaigns, you naturally free up your staff’s time to focus on more creative tasks.


Marketing Triggers

Set up automated notifications for passengers who still need to purchase seats or ancillary services. This approach aims to maximise post-booking revenue by tailoring the notifications to the specific content of the booking.

Operational Triggers

Provide your customers various options to simplify their travel experience, eliminating hassles. Every service can be conveniently booked directly from your airline website, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free journey.

Customer Service Triggers

Trigger automated post-service customer survey, post-booking actions, and travel requirements.