Internet Booking Engine


Empower your passengers to seize control of their journey – book flights, seamlessly manage reservations, unlock post-purchase upgrade options, breeze through online check-in, and experience so much more.

Booking Process

The booking process on our website is designed for simplicity and user-friendliness, comprising approximately 4 to 5 straightforward pages. Users can search for their desired service, choose ancillary services or select seats, input their details, make a payment, and receive instant online confirmation.

This online booking process runs parallel to the system’s internal booking process, ensuring that TTL, cancellations, amendment rules, and other parameters are consistently applied on the website.

Any action taken within the back-office system immediately reflects on the customer or agent’s account. It offers the flexibility to commence offline interactions with customers and seamlessly redirect them to the website for additional tasks, such as ticket printing or payment processing.

Manage My Booking

Passengers have the autonomy to manage their bookings through the GO7 Internet Booking Engine, which is integrated with the GO7 PSS. Using our Self Service tools, passengers can independently purchase ancillary services, modify itineraries, process cancellations, and request refunds.

Furthermore, bookings originating from various sources, including GDS, travel agents, tour operators, and OTAs, can be accessed and serviced through the “Manage My Booking” feature using the record locator provided during the booking.

Online Check-in Capabilities

Passengers can do online check-in (including seat selection), upgrade options, and ancillary service purchases within a single process.

During online check-in, passengers can access specifically designed boarding passes that may feature additional marketing elements and links to affiliated services, including road transfers, hotels, car rentals, and more.

Relevant information is transferred to the ground handler or embedded in the DCS.

Integrated Payment Solutions


On our website, we offer various types of logins to cater to your specific needs:

– Customer Login: Your customers can access their accounts to view past and future bookings, add ancillaries, complete online check-in, manage reservations, and more.

– Agent Login: Travel agents can log in to their accounts on the website to make bookings.

– Agent CRS Login: We provide access to your CRS for travel agents, allowing them to make bookings directly on the CRM with customisable restrictions that you can configure.

Flexible features & Integrations

With GO7 provided IBE, your marketing team can do even more to customise the passenger flow on the IBE.

  • Dynamic Forms – The ability to accept additional information from customers
  • Google Tag Manager integration – integrate any external tools to promote marketing capabilities
  • Contact us – a ready to use contact us capability with alert, logging and more
  • GDPR Ready – our IBE is fully compliant with GDPR with the relevant alerts and consents needed by law
  • Additional marketing integrations for the benefit of your passengers and your operations

Affiliate Marketplace

We have partnered with several service providers worldwide, including insurance companies, hotels, local guides, car rentals and more, so that you can sell their services on your Internet booking engine and increase your revenue with the click of a button.

Website management

When utilising our complimentary website template, you’ll benefit from a fully integrated CMS, enabling your marketing department to update the website as needed independently. Within the CMS, you can:

  • Add website content
  • Use meta keywords, titles, description (for search engine optimization)
  • Update images and colors
  • Update website structure (location of links etc.)
  • Update interactive banners
  • Translate your website to any language that you want
  • Enable multi-currency with automated conversions