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Enhancing Airlines’ Reach and Revenue: Kiwi on GO7 Network

Embarking on the ever-evolving journey of airline distribution. For all GO7 PSS customers, the GO7 Network becomes the invisible thread that effortlessly links airlines with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), meta-search engines, and global aggregators.

Partners are the natural fuel to the platform, and Kiwi is a strategic ally that, in collaboration with GO7 Network, goes beyond conventional roles. Together, they facilitate global expansion and optimize revenue for airlines. The focus is on simplifying and streamlining corporate connectivity, creating an environment that is both seamless and efficient for airlines navigating the complexities of the modern distribution landscape.

Why Kiwi?

Choosing Kiwi on the GO7 Network is not just a tactical decision, it’s a strategic move with numerous benefits and no downsides. With competitive fees, one-click set-up, and hassle-free distribution centrally managed, this partnership boosts airlines’ global distribution strategy.

  • Global Distribution:

The collaboration between Kiwi and GO7 Network opens doors to a diverse global audience. By seamlessly integrating Kiwi on the GO7 Network, airlines gain access to travellers from every corner of the globe, enhancing visibility and fueling a significant increase in bookings across diverse markets.

  • Cost-Effective Activation:

A standout feature of activating Kiwi on the GO7 Network is the emphasis on cost-effectiveness. With one of the lowest commission rates on the platform, Kiwi ensures a streamlined and budget-friendly onboarding process for airlines. This enables airlines to maximize revenue without compromising profitability, stimulating a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • Remarkable Growth:

Kiwi witnessed a remarkable 9% growth in bookings made through the GO7 Network platform in just one month. This impressive growth showcases Kiwi’s capacity to deliver tangible results, setting the stage for continued success as airlines embrace this strategic partnership.

Ready to Take Off?

For airlines willing to elevate their reach and revenue with Kiwi on the GO7 Network, click the button below, and a Network team member will get in touch.