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7 partners to supercharge your distribution strategy on the GO7 Network

The GO7 Network, a platform available to all GO7 PSS customers, offers a streamlined approach to collaborating with Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), meta-search engines, and aggregators. The ultimate goal for GO7 Network is to create an environment that is both seamless and efficient for airlines navigating the complexities of the modern distribution landscape. Whether it’s unlocking the vast potential of the EU market with Peakwork, tapping into the MENA market with Wego, or capitalising on global opportunities with Skyscanner and Kayak, airlines have an array of options to optimise their presence and revenue.

Here’s what makes our top-performing partners on GO7 Network so unique:

  1. Travelfusion: Record-breaking Success

Celebrating remarkable achievements, Travelfusion has witnessed a 34% increase in distribution sales compared to last year. With June 2023 marking their best month ever, partnering with Travelfusion ensures airlines tap into unparalleled growth and boost revenue significantly.

  1. Kayak: Your Trusted Travel Companion Worldwide

Kayak demonstrated a 20% improvement during last summer’s performance on the GO7 Network. This partnership seamlessly connects airlines with travellers from diverse corners of the globe, enhancing their global presence.

  1. Skyscanner: Your Gateway to the World

Skyscanner, a global powerhouse, showcased over 50% growth last summer on the GO7 Network compared to the previous year. Skyscanner has a vast audience spanning more than 30 languages and serves over 100 million travellers monthly, opening the door to a global airline market.

  1. Kiwi: Supercharging Distribution Capabilities, a recent addition to the GO7 Network, allows airlines to distribute content to numerous OTAs and platforms effortlessly. With an extensive reach and competitive commission rates, Kiwi has seen a significant 9% surge in bookings in a single month, providing airlines with a lucrative opportunity for growth.

  1. Peakwork: Elevate your leisure travel business

Designed to enhance the travel business in the EU, Peakwork provides innovative solutions for efficient global travel distribution. With a substantial 73% growth in bookings on the GO7 Network compared to 2022, Peakwork offers airlines a valuable avenue for expanding their leisure travel business.

  1. Alternative Airlines: Unmatched Global Flight Solutions

With ticketing services for 600+ global airlines, Alternative Airlines employs cutting-edge technology for global flight search. Offering an extensive range of flight options per route and 40+ diverse payment options, Alternative Airlines ensures efficient onboarding with a quick activation process, presenting airlines with unmatched global flight solutions.

  1. Wego: Your MENA Region Connection

A dominant player in flight search and booking within the MENA region, Wego provides access to a thriving market in the Middle East and North Africa, offering airlines opportunities for expansion.

The GO7 Network offers a gateway to new markets with a click above. These 7 platforms are one of many on the GO7 Network. With the support of the dedicated GO7 Network team, airlines can navigate these partnerships seamlessly and unlock the full potential of their operations.

For airlines willing to elevate their reach and revenue with our partners on the GO7 Network, click the button below, and a Network team member will get in touch.