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A High-Flying Start to 2023 for GO7

GO7, a travel technology company committed to helping travel brands transform their operations by putting power back into their hands, has had a very active start to 2023. From the new brand launch in January and the structuring of the GO7 leadership team to the expansion of client relationships with regional and global airlines, GO7 has embarked on its inaugural year with significant growth and industry-wide impact.

GO7 was built to move fast and innovate with agility, and that’s exactly what we’ve done in the first quarter of this year. There’s a unique confluence of opportunities in the aviation industry right now, and we’re confident that our approach, growth path, and Q1 performance reflect that energy and enthusiasm.

Meir Hadassi Turner, CEO of GO7

The birth of the GO7 brand

In January, the former 777 Travel officially became GO7, a brand dedicated to re-architecting traditional airline solutions and transforming travel. The new brand identity unifies and streamlines the complementary business units under the GO7 banner, including Air Black Box, WorldTicket and AeroCRS, and provides global solutions for over 185 airlines and rail operators, including global ticketing and distribution services, loyalty and payment platforms, and baggage and disruption solutions.

Part of creating the GO7 brand was installing a highly experienced leadership team to achieve the company’s core mission of unencumbering airlines and travel brands from conventional approaches to technology and the travel experience. Meir Hadassi Turner, formerly CEO of AeroCRS, was named GO7’s Chief Executive Officer alongside Chief Technology and Product Officer Yossi Hershko, who previously headed the Product and Technology business unit at CWT Digital.

Five new airline partners and counting 

With a new brand and leadership team in place this quarter, GO7 has expanded its relationship with airlines across the globe, including:  

  • Vistara, the India-based joint venture between Tata and Singapore Airlines, partnered with GO7 and utilized its W2 solutions to offer Indian travelers multimodal itineraries, including air and rail travel across Germany and other European cities through Deutsche Bahn’s Rail&Fly product. 
  • Aeroitalia is expanding its distribution capacity and ability to enter new markets quickly through GO7’s WorldTicket solutions, which includes extending the airline’s sales reach to over 100 IATA global agencies. 
  • Costa Rica’s leading domestic carrier, Sansa Airlines, is now using GO7’s AeroCRS solution for inventory management, reservations, and flight/fare management technology to become more agile, better manage its inventory across multiple channels, and improve its passenger experience. 
  • Guatemalan national carrier TAG Airlines will use GO7’s W2 solution for ticketing and distribution in over 190 markets worldwide, enabling the airline to quickly launch new routes, distribute its inventory more broadly and increase revenues through worldwide BSP ticketing and interlining options. 
  • PNG Air, one of Papua New Guinea’s largest domestic carriers, will use GO7’s W2 ticketing solution to activate ticketing capability in over 190 markets worldwide, accelerating revenue and market share growth from non-strategic markets.  

Each of these airline partners is an integral part of GO7’s strategic growth plan, and each showcases the unique ability of GO7’s solutions to have a positive impact on an airline’s commercial operations. By rethinking traditional distribution, ticketing, and interlining processes, GO7 is making it easier for airlines to create connected journeys for customers and generate revenue more efficiently.

“We’re proud of the difference our solutions are making for our clients, and we’re eager to introduce other travel companies to our approach,” added Turner. “But we have our sights set on industry transformation, and we’re just getting started.”

We’re proud of the difference our solutions are making for our clients, and we’re eager to introduce other travel companies to our approach. But we have our sights set on industry transformation, and we’re just getting started.

Meir Hadassi Turner, CEO of GO7

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